Torchon A-Z (36 units)

course contents

  • all contents of the technique course and
  • learn how to create own diagrams for motivs and grounds
  • learn to make thread diagrams
  • learn base knowledge of Design Basics Shape and Colour
  • learn to make designs up to complex compositions with motives at the edges
  • learn how to create different corners
    circles, ovals, designing pentagon and hexagon
  • get hints for round patterns
  • Distortions of grids
  • to join different part invisibly
  • learn how do design 3-dimensional effects
    Spitzen zu 3-D-Objekten formen.
  • bolster pillow or flat pillow diagrams are for flat pillow



  • base knowledges
  • dealing with the crochet hook 0,75 and 0,6