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If you want to learn the technique from scratch and at the same time design in this technique, this is the right place. These courses are also recommended for teaching. Prerequisites for participation are basic knowledge of the bobbin lace technique for rolls or flat cushions and knowledge of the international colour code for technical drawings for bobbin lace. Voraussetzungen zur Teilnahme sind Grundkenntnisse der Klöppeltechnik für Rolle oder Flachkissen und Kenntnisse über den internationalen Farbcode für technische Zeichnungen für Klöppelspitzen.

These courses are time-consuming and you should plan at least 2.5 years per course. The contents are based on those of the bobbin lace school in Bruges, where I was able to enjoy my own training. In addition to the step-by-step learning of the technique in the subjects mentioned below, the design basics: form, colour and also material science will be included. Pedagogical aspects are also taken into account. 2,5 Jahre pro Lehrgang einplanen. Die Inhalte orientieren sich an denen der Klöppelschule in Brügge, in der ich meine eigene Ausbildung genießen durfte. Neben dem schrittweisen Erlernen der Technik in den untengenannten Themen werden die Gestaltungsgrundlagen: Form, Farbe und auch Materialkunde mit einfließen. Pädagogische Aspekte werden ebenfalls berücksichtigt.

Course fees: 18,- (PDF-online for self-printing) + 10,- Euro one-time registration fee

Beispiel: Flandrische Spitze A bis Z

25 Lektionen auf Deutsch

Kosten: 25 x 19,00 Euro =  485,00 Euro

additional 10,- Euros application fee

total fees: 220,00 Euro 495,00 Euro

optional 15,00 Euro

persönliches Zertifikat mit Bild Ihrer eigenen Abschlussarbeit

Diese Lehrgänge müssen vorab nicht komplett bezahlt werden.
Die Bezahlung kann in bis zu 3 Teilen erfolgen.

Ihre Vorteile im Fernkurs

no travel fees

because of learning at home online

temporal independence

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Individual support

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Trauben und Netze in Duchesse Technik


In all technique courses priority is to learn the special technique with patterns I prepared for you. You lear to manage step by step genauer Anleitung Schritt für Schritt.

Duchesse: Design and execution: Doris Töller

from A to Z

Sie lernen bausteinartig die Technik zuerst nach Vorlagen kennen und setzen allmählich die Technik in eigenen Entwürfen um. Die A bis Z – Lehrgänge sind für Diejenigen zu empfehlen, who loves to teach and learn to prepare their own design and documents. and for those, who wants selber entwerfen möchten.

Design and execution: Heike Breidenbroich


This is an advanced course. The prerequisite is that you have already mastered the technique. Your knowledge will be expanded so that you can learn to design yourself in this technique. You will work from your own designs from the start and learn the design criteria that are essential for implementation. die Technik bereits beherrschen. Ihre Kenntnisse werden erweitert, so dass Sie in dieser Technik eigenes Entwerfen erlernen. Sie arbeiten von Anfang an nach eigenen Entwürfen und lernen dabei Gestaltungskriterien kennen, die zur Umsetzung unerlässlich sind.

Frequently asked questions

You should know the basic stitches of lace making. For this I can recommend the introductory DVD from the bobbin lace net available in the shop for 19.95 euros (only in German) and the follow-up DVD for either the roll or the flat cushion. In it there are also basics in a booklet and you learn what is important. Or you can show me some of your already completed work and I will then decide whether you have all the necessary requirements. Introduction- DVD in German recommend for 19.95 euros in the shop and the follow-up DVD either for the roll or for the flat cushion. In it there are also basics in a booklet and you learn what is important. Or you can show me some of your already completed work and I will then decide if you have all the necessary requirements. In German only

If you are unable to attend the course for health or other reasons, your course duration will only be extended. Personal arrangements with the course director are necessary in this case. See:General Terms and Conditions (GTC) General terms and conditions

For this trining a good cooperation of teacher and student is important.

In general in each time but in prior consultation with the course leader, because of a limited number of students.

I recommend the Torchon technique-course for coming in. You learn a lot of different patterns and basics for straits and finishes.

All courses contain individual lessons that explain the technique step by step and exercises let you gradually build up understanding of the techniques. These lessons are sent in sequence by email or by post if requested.

First, you have to read the entire content of a lesson. Before making lace, the questionnaire in the documents should be filled out. I can see from the answers where there may be a need for explanation and then talk this through with you. If you are sure enough about what to do, then you may start.

I offer you support. Either via WhatsApp or e-mail. You send me pictures of the situation on your pillow if you have any questions and I will give you feedback if it is correct or where there are errors and how to fix them. You will feel like sitting next to you.

Do you have further questions?

I will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Just use my contact form.

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