General Terms and Conditions (GTC)

General Business Terms and Conditions of the Klöppelnetz (LaceWeb)

The following points must be adhered to in order to ensure that the courses in LaceWeb are conducted in a sensible manner.


1. Obligations of the LaceWeb manager:

   a) sending the agreed lessons

   b) creation of a folder per participant for orderly attendance

   c) compliance with correspondence

  d) fulfilment of the teaching assignment



2. Obligations of the course participants 


2.1 Payment of the course fee, registration fee and postage

      Payment always has to be made before the course media are sent out.

      Detailed regulations apply for the individual courses.


 2.2. Continuous participation

In principle, continuous participation is desirable. However, each participant can determine their own pace.  If an interruption of more than one month has to be made due to holidays, illness or other adverse circumstances, LaceWeb should be informed immediately.

2.2.1 LaceWeb sets a time frame that is very generous. You will be given half a year to complete 5 lessons. If you need more time, please consult the course leader. If you overstay the course for more than one year, an administrative fee of 50,- EUR will be charged. 

2.2.2 In case of illness or other obstacles, a short feedback should be given to the course leader once a month.

2.2.3. Interruptions in the given time frame can be made more frequently. This has no effect on the amount of course material or on the course fee. Thus, this course is also well suited for people with more frequent breaks from work.


3. Cancellation


3.1 Cancellation on behalf of a participant

Course participants can cancel the course they have started at any time and will be refunded the fee for the documents already paid but not yet sent. Cancellation has to be made in writing.


3.2 Cancellation on behalf of the course management

If there is an interruption of the course of more than 3 months during which the participant has not reported and has not subsequently justified this, the course will be cancelled immediately. In this case, the course fee will not be reimbursed.