The courses from A to Z

If you want to learn the technique from the ground up and also how to design in this technique, this is the right place. These courses are also recommended for teaching. Prerequisites for participation are basic knowledge of the bobbin lace technique for rolls or flat pillows and knowledge of the international colour code for technical drawings for bobbin lace

These courses are time-consuming and you should plan at least 2.5 years per course. The contents are based on those of the bobbin lace school in Bruges, where I was allowed to enjoy my own training. In addition to learning the technique step-by-step in the subjects mentioned below, the design basics formcolour, and also material science will be included. Pedagogical aspects are also taken into account.

Course fee per lesson: 18 – 20.00 EUR, plus a one-time registration fee of 10.00 EUR.


Example: Flanders Lace

Statement of costs:

25 lessons in English
Costs: 25 x 20.00 EUR (printed documents)= 500.00 EUR

plus 10.00 EUR registration fee
Total course costs: 510.00 EUR

These courses do not have to be paid in full in advance.
Payment can be made in up to 3 parts.

Themes offered from A to Z:    


  • Duchesse, 29 units
  • Flanders lace, 25 units - flat pillow
  • Milanese lace, 25 units
  • Torchon, 36 units
  • Further topics are in progress

If you are interested, please fill out the registration form or contact me


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