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Learning to make lace online

LACE WEB is a unique training institution on a private level.
Beginners and advanced learners are given the opportunity to get to know the variety of lace-making techniques and characteristics in numerous courses.
The courses are led by Martina Wolter-Kampmann who is a studied textile designer and teacher as well as a trained bobbin lace maker (Link zu “Biography” einfügen!).

The German version of LaceWeb “das Klöppelnetz”, is also recognised by the Dortmund Chamber of Crafts as a training company and has been training textile designers in the craft of lace-making since 2014.
This training is offered as in-company training but also in combination with distance learning on a part-time basis. 

The German version of Lace Web,  "das Klöppelnetz", is also recognized by the Dortmund Chamber of Crafts as a training company and has been training textile designers in the craft – specialist area of lace-making – since 2014. This training is offered as in-company training but also in combination with distance learning on a part-time basis: apprenticeship.


Course types

Design and execution: Martina Wolter-Kampmann, Duchesse 2010


The technical courses focus on learning the technique according to designs by Mrs. Wolter-Kampmann. You will learn step by step following precise instructions.

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Final thesis of Doris Töller


You will modularly learn about the technique based on templates by the author first, and then gradually apply the technique to your own designs. The A-Z courses are recommended for teachers and designers.

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Final thesis of Heike Breidenbroich


This is an advanced training course. The prerequisite is that you have already mastered the technique. Your knowledge will be expanded so you can learn to design yourself using this technique. You will work according to your own designs from the very beginning and in doing so you will get to know design criteria that are essential for future projects.

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The principle of the 
distance learning

The teaching material is prepared in such a way that you can be instructed and supervised step by step in the respective techniques. The lessons are conducted out as a distance learning course / correspondence course.
The costs for all distance learning courses are paid according to the number of lessons that are completed within a recommended period. For these courses you should allow for about 20 hours per unit.
You receive clear information and tasks and I review your elaborations.

Requirements for participation are:

  • knowledge of technical drawings
  • readiness for constant cooperation during the course
  • the payment of the course fee
  • email access, a scanner or a camera. 
  • Smartphone and a printer are desirable. 
  • Whatsapp on the smartphone ) allows for unrestricted chat and data transfer options

Support is provided by email, telephone and whatsapp or mail. If you send me pictures of your work, I can look "over your shoulder" while you are making lace. If any problems should occur, I can help you with appropriate hints by phone, in writing or with a graphic explanation.

Before you register, please contact me via info@wolter-kampmann.de. Further requirements are dependent on the respective offers.
via info@wolter-kampmann.de


Distance learning courses
the 3 categories

Before the start of the course, information and a list of materials will be sent for each course.
All courses are segmented into individual lessons. The exact number of lessons can be found in the individual offers.
These lessons are printed documents. They are systematically structured according to the principle "from easy to difficult". New patterns and techniques are learned and the contents are repeated in such a way that you can master and apply all the contents at the end of the course. Included in all distance learning courses is one questionnaire per lesson, which you should fill out and send me back in your own interest. The questionnaire will give me feedback on whether you have understood the facts or whether there is still a need for clarification. If you have understood everything, you may begin with the practical work.

What happens in case of illness or other adverse circumstances during a course participation?
If you are unable to continue with the course for health or other reasons, the duration of the course will be extended. In this case, (Komma) personal arrangements must be made with the course management. In case you decide to cancel the course, (Komma) a 4-week period of notice applies. See GTC (nicht FAQ!).
For this teaching model, of course, good cooperation between participants (m/f/d) and teacher_ (Singular) is essential of course.


The course times 
In our experience, LaceWeb offers a very generous time frame for the courses to motivate you to work through the course continuously. This applies to all courses with more than 12 lessons: The target time is one month per lesson. After 5 lessons you are entitled to an additional month off.

You have a total of 21 months for a course that contains 18 lessons. Only when all the lessons have been completed, you are entitled to a free thesis. The final thesis can also be purchased separately for 25,00 EUR.

Holiday times from LaceWeb
This is a period during which you can continue to work on your elaborations. No new documents will be sent to you during this period. Fixed holiday periods are 
in summer: 15 June to 15 July 
in winter:    15 December to 15 January