Distance learning courses in lace web 

Learning to make lace online

Lace net is a unique training institution of a private level. In numerous courses we offer beginners and advanced students the opportunity to get to know the variety of lace-making techniques (and characteristics). The courses are led by Martina Wolter-Kampmann (studied textile design and pedagogy, as well as trained bobbin lace maker) Biography


Course offers

Design and execution: Martina Wolter-Kampmann, Duchesse 2010


The technique courses focus on learning the technique according to designs by Mrs. Wolter-Kampmann - you will learn step by step following precise instructions.

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Final thesis of Doris Töller


You will first learn the technique in a modular way according to author’s templates and gradually apply the technique to your own designs. - The A to Z - courses are recommended for teachers and designers

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Final thesis of Heike Breidenbroich


This is an advanced training course. The prerequisite is knowledge of a technique, in which you will expend and be able to create your own designs.

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