Virtual workshops

In general

I am now starting a series of courses that cannot be held live because of Corona. The learning in the meeting is a little different from the usual course room atmosphere.

  • We meet in a virtual meeting room
  • The topic is presented with pictures and videos
  • Explanations and help are given via Whatsapp, emails and telephone.
  • Debriefing and exchange of experiences, suggestions, explanations and tips take place in the joint meeting.

You register by:

  • You will receive a material list. If more than 6 participants are interested, the course can be held and everyone will receive a payment form and a participation link.
  • The materials will be sent in advance as a PDF file, which will also include the bobbin lace prickings.
  • We will use as the meeting platform. Download the Zoom app for this.
  • The number of participants is limited to 10.


Live courses

Due to my training at the bobbin lace school in Bruges and my thirty years of experience as a bobbin lace teacher, I can offer a wide range of different subjects. I am happy to show beginners the first steps and introduce advanced students to individual technical designs.



– German, English, Dutch
– French and Spanish (with interpreter)


Previous course and locations 

– in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Finland, Slovenia, Belgium,
Spain, USA and Canada
– as weekly courses, weekends or by arrangement

The courses take place according to the contract with a signed agreement and negotiated fee. The number of lessons is also determined in advance. My most recent priorities are “Invisible starts and finishes in bobbin lace” and “Jewellery  made from metal threads”, see dates

Offered themes:
  • Binche
  • Bruges Flower Lace
  • Chrysanthemum lace
  • Duchesse
  • Flanders Lace
  • Cluny
  • Laced jewellery made from metal thread (no wire)
  • Milanese lace
  • Parisian lace
  • point lace
  • Torchon
  • Invisible starts and finishes
  • Valenciennes
  • Contemporary lace, designing scarves with individual patterns and shapes

For arrangements please contact me: