Here, everything centres around classical and contemporary bobbin lace-making techniques.


Course are offered for 

  • beginners 
  • advanced students
  • bobbin lace teachers 

Main topics

  1. classical & modern lace making techniques
  2. hidden starts and finishes in bobbin lace
  3. laced jewellery

4 course variations

(training only for Germans)

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Martina Wolter-Kampmann has been leading courses at various educational institutions for beginners, advanced students and course instructors of all ages since 1985. The courses take place according to agreement and fee contract.

The teaching of classical Flemish lace-making techniques and also experimental work are one of her main focuses. Her great flexibility is very helpful in her teaching.

Course locations: from adult education courses in her home town Wickede (Ruhr) to Europe-wide advanced training and specialised courses overseas in German and English.

Since 2005 teaching has been extended to distance learning courses in LaceWeb. This way, you can learn at home and you are optimally supported by different social media in a comfortable, individual and competent way.

Since 2014 she has been preparing trainees for the apprenticeship certification exam to become a textile designer in the department of lace-making.