About me

Lace-making is not my only passion. I am also a sporty cyclist and a passionate swimmer am just as creative in the kitchen as I am with the lace pillow and I love to surprise my husband and my large family (three adult children) with culinary delights. I grow my own fruits and vegetables in our garden; and I love being outside, where I find the most interesting inspirations for my bobbin lace works.

Lace-making is a creative meditation for me.





Course instructor training A (!) at the Deutscher Klöppelverband e. V.
(German Bobbin Lace Association)




Honorary State Exam in textile design and physical education at the University
of Dortmund (former Pedagogical College), Germany 
Diploma in lace-making Guipure at Centre d'einseignement  de la dentelle au
fuseau in Le Puy (France)

Since 1986


Leading adult education courses in Kamen and Bönen, Germany
Lace teacher at the art school for children in Unna, Germany

1986 – 1989
 Training as lace teacher (Monitrice) in Bruges (Belgium) at the Flemish lace school
"Kantcentrum Brugge” and final promotion: “Thread & Pricking: A Partnership”
seit 1989

 Leading further training for adult education course leaders in Schleswig- Holstein, Germany
Leader of several courses for the Deutscher Klöppelverband e. V. 
(German Bobbin Lace Association) 
1992 Juror at the Deutscher Klöppelverband e. V.
since 1992 Head of course instructor training in Schleswig-Holstein (Germany)
2000 Course leader for young people and adults, classical and modern lace
2001 Exhibition with fashion show and competition in Wickede (Ruhr)
2003 Course in Finland
 Foundation of the private educational institution "Das Klöppelnetz"
(distance learning school for lace-making)
2005 Exposition in Interlaken (CH) - Topic: Waterfalls in lace-making technique
 Extension of the distance learning school to the international distance
learning school "Lace-Web"  
2007 Publication: Video: Introduction to lacemaking (language only German)
2006 Erweiterung der Fernschule zur internationalen Fernschule „Lace-Web“
2007 Publication of the video: Introduction to lacemaking (language only German)
2007 Publication of the video: Lace-making on the bolster pillow (language only German)
2008 Publication of the video: Lace-making on the flat pillow (language only German) 
since 2008 Workshops at the CREATIVA fair in Dortmund, Germany
2011 Publication: "Invisible starts and finishes in bobbin lace"  
 Publication:  Bobbin lace threads in dD (with creation of a database for finding
suitable yarn diameters when making bobbin lace).
since 2012 Trainer of course instructors in Switzerland 
since 2013 Teaching in the USA and Canada
since 2014 Instructor for textile design in the lace-making department
since 2015 Several courses in Spain
2017 Course leader in Idrija (Slovenia)
2018 Publication: Bobbin Lace Jewellery made from Metal Threads
since 2018
 Participation in EU project: Erasmus and Lacee  
Trainer of courses  in Vienna (Austria)
 Cooperation in the Forum Alte Spitze GbR in the EU project
Bobbin Lacee within the programe of ERASMUS
2020 Start with virtual workshops
2021 Trainer of final convention of the EU-project Erasmus and Lacee